Article Caring Wood Floor

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As with many other products, a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep a floor in good condition. With proper maintenance, your engineered wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come. Light floors, are typically more sensitive to wear-and-tear than dark ones, and therefore require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Our wood floors are durable and easy to keep clean, but there are some things you need to think about:

A clean sweep

The most common threat to your flooring is the dirt that can scratch and dull the surface. Brush or vacuum the wood floor regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and grime that can also cause discolouration.

Damp, not wet

Water is a particularly potent threat to hardwood floors because it can cause warping, so spills should be cleaned up immediately. Make sure you use only a slightly damp mop when mopping floors. It is also a good to keep mopping to a minimum. Instead, regular sweeping with a soft-bristled broom will keep a hardwood floor free of dirt that can scratch or dull floors if allowed to build up.

Keep it pristine

Be careful not to damage the surface by dragging heavy pieces of furniture across it. Use felt protector pads on the feet of furniture to reduce damage.These tips are attached to furniture with a built-in, non-damaging adhesive, and they cushion the parts of the furniture that touch the wood floor directly.

Even with felt furniture tips, it is always best to lift furniture when moving it instead of dragging it across the floor, because although the tips will protect the floor, after a while they will become unstuck. Those who slide furniture without being aware that their tips are gone will find a big scratch left behind when they have finished moving the piece.

Nails trimmed and high heels off

We all love our pets, but dog’s nails are yet another way that hardwood floors can be scratched. Keeping these nails trimmed is the best way to avoid the scratches that pets can leave behind. Besides our pets, we can also damage the floors with our footwear. The most likely offender is a pair of high heels. Not wearing heels in the house is the best way to protect the floors so the pressure from their heels does not create indentations.

Beware the sun

The colour of wood flooring can change when it is exposed to sunlight, so avoid placing rugs on floors in front of windows. Curtains and blinds are perhaps the most inexpensive way to minimise sun damage, but UV coating for the windows is another possibility when it comes to protecting your floors from harsh sunlight.