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WIf you are on a budget but desperate to upgrade your stairs, stair cladding is a great option. This durable solution can withstand even the heaviest of footfall, making it a practical solution that adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

What is stair cladding?

Stair cladding is a solution that provides an oak finish to stairs that are looking tired and are in much need of a makeover. It’s easy to install, making it a practical option to restore life to your stairs quickly.Wood Floor Fitting Services in Herts for Carpentry call 07778 406793. We are based in Stevenage covering Herts, Beds & Bucks. We Fit Hard wood floors - Engineered Wooden Floors - Stair Cladding

How is it installed?

A common concern that comes to mind when thinking of updating your house is the mess this entails. However, this is not the case with stair cladding, as it is simply glued to your existing staircase. This makes it a fuss-free option with minimal mess and disruption to your daily routine.

What type of cladding should I choose?

When considering installing stair cladding in your home, you should ensure that the timber is high-quality, as this will make it durable and a worthwhile investment. Solid oak or other types of oak cladding are usually the most common options, as cladding made with oak veneers is the perfect complement to solid wood flooring.

Where can I get stair cladding from?

If you are looking for the best stair cladding, UK supplier TwentySN can help upgrade your home at an affordable price. Our family business has many years of experience and we can extend our expertise from our base in Hertfordshire throughout the UK. Contact us today to find out more about our high-quality wood flooring supplies.